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Join our fun community of women to play weekly, improve your game, and make new friends!

How It Works

Our home course is Anchorage Golf Course (AGC).  AGC puts aside tee times for Wacky Women members every Thursday beginning around 3:30 pm until 6:30 pm. Moose Run will also accept Wacky Women on Thursdays.

Members get access to exclusive tee times each Thursday during the summer season at Anchorage Golf Course. Receive exclusive first opportunities to attend women and member only golf clinics with annual membership. We offer participation in special events organized by the association, sometimes at reduced costs and access to other special promotions at AGC when presented.

1. Become A Member or Renew Membership

It’s as easy as signing up on our form below. We’ll send you a confirmation when you are in our system so you can book your first tee time.

2. Read The Rules

We cover a few basics to keep the game running smoothly, so be sure to review our rules and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) section.

3. Book A Game

We have a handy PDF guide to reserving a tee time online. You don't want to miss your opportunity so be sure to review it before signing up!

4. Get Social

Wacky Women are all about supporting each other and having fun together. Join our facebook group to meet our members and start a game!

“I joined Wacky Women Golf as a greenie, one who played occasionally. I joined looking to set-aside time for myself, friends and the outdoors. It’s a self-care and social opportunity! You can come as a single player, or develop a team. FUN and nurturing! “

— Cindy

“Beautiful night for golf! Had so much fun!!”

— Jeri

”I have thoroughly enjoyed my time with the Wacky Women over the past 2 years.  I gained and improved my golf skills by participating in their regular golf clinics, especially the one on chipping and putting.  I was thrilled when I learned membership is not contingent on being a great golfer.  I was a fledgling beginner and only improved with their support and good humor.  They are fun to be with and know the value of  a good toddy after 18 holes of golf.”

— From a grateful golfer, Kathy Lum

Membership Registration

How To Register

The membership application includes a yearly fee for our Association. Our annual fees help maintain the administrative costs of the association which directly benefits you, our members, through multiple benefits and events.

Annual membership fee is $50.

Your membership is not official until payment is received, so be sure to register AND pay on this form. Be sure to include your cell phone number to receive text messages about upcoming events!

Once you receive membership confirmation welcoming you to Wacky Women, attend the Spring Kick-Off event to network with other golfers, and hear briefings from the courses in our area, and how to make reservations.

Text Alerts

Text alerts will inform you about upcoming events, Wacky rules, weather conditions, unfilled tee times, etc. Your cell phone number is not shared with any other entity.

Register & Pay Here


    Rules & FAQ

    It’s as easy as signing up for the form above. We’ll send you a confirmation when you are in our system so you can book your first tee time with the course.

    1. Pace of play – keep up with the group in front of you. When they are putting, you should already be teeing off. But do not hit into them.

    2. Never take your pull cart on a putting green or into a bunker. Keep motorized carts at least 30 feet from greens.

    3. Limit your time looking for lost balls to 2 minutes.

    4. After 9 strokes, pick up your ball.

    5. If your ball is in a bad lie (against a tree, in a divot, in the woods, etc.), move it to a better spot to hit from. Our goal is to have fun, learn the game, and keep up with the group in front of you.

    6. After being in a bunker, rake out your footprints and ball marks.

    7. Repair all divots.

    1. When do I call in for my tee time?  Friday morning after 9 am, call AGC at 522-3363 to make a tee time for the following Thursday.

    2. What if something comes up and I cannot make my tee time?  Call AGC as soon as possible to cancel your tee time so that someone else can use it.

    3. What if it rains?  Bring your umbrella or a good rain hat. A little rain can be fun. If concerned about weather, call the course. Often when it rains downtown it’s nice at AGC.

    4.  When do I need to check in with the starter?  At least 10 minutes before your tee time.

    5. Can I share clubs with another golfer?  No. Everyone needs their own set.

    6. Do I have to play from the red tees?  No. Although most women play from the reds, beginners are encouraged to play from the forward green tees. 

    7. Should I let another group "play through"? No, it actually slows down the play. The better option is to play from the forward (green) tees or move your ball forward to where it should be to keep up the pace.

    Book A Game & Get Wacky With Us!

    When Anchorage Golf Course opens for the season, members may make reservations beginning Friday morning prior to the following week of play. For teams who play routinely, Anchorage Golf Course offers an online reservation system that recognizes Wacky Women.

    To book a game at Anchorage Golf Course or to view more associated golf courses, click the button below.

    Let’s Be Friends! Connect With Us Here:

    Join our group, introduce yourself, and start making friends. Schedule a tee time or just show up, we’d love to meet you! Attend the Spring Kick-Off event to network with other golfers, and hear briefings from the courses in our area, and how to make reservations.

    Each season there are several events in which Wacky Women members may participate and enjoy the fun, fellowship, and camaraderie that comes with belonging to such an organization. Events are fun for every level of skill, creative and (of course) WACKY! We hope you join us!

    Come learn the game and have a great time with us!

    Register today and come and join the fun!

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